Judy Keeley

Product designer

Betterfood Branding

Background:Betterfood is a food preference platform that enables companies to learn their employees' food preferences, plan food for company meetings, and measure food satisfaction.
Problem:As a new company, Betterfood needed branding.
Solution:I designed the company branding to communicate "fresh, healthy, and fun". The orange and green color scheme and the carrot logo evokes healthy food. The script font for the company name and food illustrations are playful and friendly.
Technology:The logo and other images were done in Sketch. Business cards in Affinity Designer. Loading animation in Sketch, SVG, HTML and CSS3 animations. The carrot image and illustrated food background were stock illustrations; I manipulated the colors and arrangement.

I incorporated the branding and color scheme throughout the Betterfood application design. An example below shows the Join page.

While the application is first loading, it displays an animated set of carrots. I created the image with Sketch, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), HTML and CSS3 animations.

carrots Created with Sketch.

Business cards (created in Affinity Designer):


I designed these T shirts for a promotional event at one of Betterfood's customers. The shirts were not available in the right shade of green or orange, so I chose a blue color that makes the orange carrot pop.