Judy Keeley

Product designer

Betterfood Food Profile


Betterfood is a food preference platform that enables HR, office management and food service teams to learn employee food preferences and restrictions, order the right meals for team meetings and company events, and measure food satisfaction.

After collecting food preferences from individual people, Betterfood provides summarized preferences across groups of people, such as offices, teams, meetings, and events. I designed the group food profiles to show 1) A quick overview with percentage of preferences collected, top food restrictions and a translation of dietary/allergy restrictions to food groups (meat, seafood, dairy, etc.) 2) In-depth food preference details, 3) A list of people in the group or event. This helps the food planner understand the types of food they need to order to satisfy the needs of people in their group. All designs are responsive so they adapt to mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

Hovering over a food group shows the people who don't eat that food and the diet or allergy that restricts it.

The food preference details show all allergies, diets, dislikes, cuisines, and more.

The food profile also shows the people in that group or event, along with their food restrictions. Clicking on a card brings you to the person's individual food profile.

Another view of people's food restrictions, in a denser presentation that can be absorbed quickly.