Judy Keeley

Product designer

Betterfood Onboarding


I designed the user onboarding experience for Betterfood, including visual design and usability testing. The designs are responsive so they display well on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. The challenge was gathering a lot of information about the user's workplace and food preferences while making the experience feel easy and engaging, and also helping the user to understand why providing this information benefits them.

The user starts on a customer-branded website, creates an account and verifies their email:

The user provides information about their workplace such as office and teams so Betterfood can summarize food preferences for those groupings of people.

The Betterfood app then asks a handful of questions about the user's food preferences including allergies, diets, favorite cuisines, and disliked foods.

The user is shown their food profile, created using their answers from the food preference questions. A tip appears that points out company lunch menus, to motivate the user to explore further and stay engaged over time.