Judy Keeley

Product designer

Covvet Onboarding


Covvet is a price tracking tool that sends you alerts when products you want go on sale. I designed the user onboarding, which includes sign up, installation of a browser extension or bookmarklet, and easy instructions for how use Covvet.

First step - the user signs up.

After signing up, users are asked to install a browser extension so they can "covvet" or save products to their wish list (Wireframe on left; visual design on right.)


If the user's browser doesn't support extensions, the user is asked to install a bookmarklet. The arrow is positioned to point at the browser bookmark bar, so the user can see where to drag the button. The button is also animated to move along the path of the arrow, simulating the action the user needs to take. See the animated version.

The user sees their wish list but it's empty. They are encouraged to start covveting and are given a few simple steps to follow. See the complete, animated design.

If the user wants to learn more about how to covvet, they can see this tutorial. See the animated design.

The user has now learned how to covvet and is ready to covvet products on their own. After the user clicks the Covvet button in their browser bar, they see the dialog below and can Covvet the item, which saves it to their wish list for tracking.

The sign up flow - it looks simple to the user but it's actually somewhat complex.