Judy Keeley

Product designer

Imprivata Priority Messaging


Cortext is Imprivata's secure communications platform for the healthcare industry. Cortext provided only one priority level for messages. Healthcare providers needed a way to send urgent messages so that recipients would read and respond quickly.

I designed a priority message feature that allows healthcare providers to mark a message urgent before sending it. My designs include iOS, Android, desktop, web and watch platforms. On mobile devices, recipients receive a push notification that alerts them to a new urgent message and plays a special sound. In Cortext, the urgent message is flagged in the inbox and within the conversation. The user can also configure the sounds for incoming urgent messages.

The UX challenge was ensuring urgent messages would visually stand out from routine messages, and the audio alerts would be ear-catching, convey urgency, and distinct from typical sounds in the hospital environment. I gathered extensive feedback on proposed visual and audio designs through consultations with in-house medical advisors and usability testing with doctors.