Judy Keeley

Product designer

Imprivata Scan to Sign In


Cortext is Imprivata's secure communications platform for the healthcare industry.

Problem: Typing a username and password on a mobile device is onerous, and users sometimes forget their password. Anyone using Imprivata's OneSign to badge into Cortext on their desktop is even less likely to know their username and password since they never have to enter it. Imprivata wanted to make it easy to sign in to Cortext on mobile devices, but more importantly increase adoption for first-time mobile users who have just installed Cortext.

Solution: I designed a sign in method that eliminates the need to remember and type username and password on mobile. Instead, users scan a secure QR code in the desktop application, making mobile sign in fast and painless. The interaction needed to be drop-dead simple for busy doctors. This was rated “best new feature” by customers.


See the full size flow diagram.