Judy Keeley

Product designer

SiteSpect Navigation

Background:I'm the principal UX designer at SiteSpect, a web optimization company that offers an A/B testing, personalization, and recommendations platform.
Problem:SiteSpect's product used top navigation that had three levels, which was a non-standard and overly complex layout. In addition, the navigation was split at the top level between building a campaign and viewing its analytics, so that when looking at a given campaign you did not have these two options available at the campaign level. Users found the navigation confusing and onerous.
Solution:I designed an entirely new navigation. The top section contains search, customer logo, and customer site, with production sites clearly indicated. The site level navigation has been moved to the left and designed so it's easier to find everything. I introduced a universal "new" button so the user can create anything from any page. Campaigns also have their own navigation so the user can easily switch between campaign definition and analytics.

The new navigation:

The old navigation: