Judy Keeley

Product designer

The Ventilator Project (Volunteer)

Background:I was Director of UX for The Ventilator Project, working in a volunteer capacity and managing a small UX team. The Ventilator Project (now called TVP Health) is a non-profit 100% volunteer organization that created a low-cost ventilator to treat COVID-19.
Problem:Early in the pandemic, there was an anticipated shortage of ventilators. The Ventilator Project was founded to address that need by designing a ventilator that could be created from easily sourced low-cost parts. When I joined the organization they had a rough engineering prototype but no user interface.
Solution:I established and led a small UX team to research and design a ventilator UX. We performed research with pulmonologists and respiratory therapists, and evangelized UX within the organization.
Result:The FDA approved the ventilator for emergency use in March 2021.

Interactive prototype (may be slow to load):